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Male Gaze: A Pensive Oscar Isaac on the Cover of M

Gracing the cover of the holiday issue of M magazine is a serious, black-and-white portrait of actor Oscar Isaac looking far off into the distance … possibly into his glimmering future? Isaac, a Florida native who’s been receiving accolades for his role as an early-sixties folk singer (who travels with a tabby cat named Ulysses) in Inside Llewyn Davis, talks to M about everything from his experience at Cannes and his theater background at Julliard to his complicated role as Llewyn Davis. Watch this clip of him singing a folk rendition of “Roar” with Jimmy Fallon and feel your heart melt into putty. Or just take time to drink in his soulful (melancholy?) gaze, dark “military-like stubble,” and rugged features in the gorgeous photo below. Enjoy Isaac, and your weekend.

Photo: Brian Bowen Smith/M Magazine
Male Gaze: Oscar Isaac on the Cover of M