The Mall’s Over, Dorks

Photo: Marvin Josep/The Washington Post/Getty Images

No one is going to the mall anymore, says Brad Tuttle at Time. The data is in from Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013, and it seems that the computers beat the stores.

According to numbers from comScore, there was a 34 percent overall rise in e-commerce in the days around Black Friday. And on Black Friday, there was an 11.4 percent decline in foot traffic, compared to last year.

All these new, fancy people with their snazzy tech widgets and their handheld portals to other shopping experiences! They have moved on from the mall. When the modern teen tries to hang out at a mall, she just looks straight at her phone and then falls into a fountain.

How quickly we have abandoned a great American institutionWill people even remember the claustrophobic glitz of Claire’s, the unflattering light in the Gap, and the experience of accidentally wandering from the cool teen section of Nordstrom (Brass Plum, BP for short) into the part designated for old-lady nighties?

The Mall’s Over, Dorks