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Matthew Williamson and Gwyneth Paltrow Are Secret Best Friends

Photo: David M. Benett/Getty Images

Gwyneth has such a full, swollen Rolodex of best friends. She has her fitness best friend and long-butt savior, Tracy Anderson, her cool designer best friend and collaborator, Stella McCartney, and her more mainstream-friendly designer BFF, Michael Kors, who have all appeared in countless videos and articles with Gwyneth. And then there all those besties she’s enlisting to boycott Vanity Fair.

But she also has her secret bosom buddy, the one she treats like that weird elementary-school best friend you try to hide once you get to junior high: designer Matthew Williamson.

While giving a speech at a Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design lecture, Williamson finally opened up about his long-term, down-low relationship with Gwynnie: “Gwyneth and I were actually having dinner last week and we were talking about how we’ve been friends for sixteen years, and no one even really knows because she’s never worn any of my designs,” says the the Telegraph.

Ouch. For a designer, that translates into worst friend ever. And sixteen years begets a lot of opportunities to slap on some Williamson and wear it to an event, Gwyneth.

It’s okay though, Matthew, just remember what that secret hand signal means: I can’t talk to you because we’re in public, but call you later! At the very least, he got to collaborate on that really fancy sweatshirt for Goop that one time. And he’ll probably get a super nice personalized cheeseboard for Christmas this year.

Matthew Williamson and Gwyneth Are Secret BFFs