The Most Expensive Leggings People (Allegedly) Work Out In


There was once a time when it seemed crazy to spend $48 on a pair of jersey pants from American Apparel that you would get all sweaty doing downward dog in. Then Lululemon appeared, with its various neon — and sometimes sheer— varieties, created a cult following, and made spending $98 on a pair of stretch pants feel normal. But little did we know, there are a lot more expensive options out there — including cellulite-reducing 24-karat gold leggings — for anyone interested in sweating in athletic tights that cost almost as much as a month’s rent. Though we appreciate throwing an oversize sweater over a pair of spandex and calling it work appropriate, leggings are meant for the gym or an eighties Madonna video. We’ve rounded up the most expensive leggings out there — not including leather or suede options, which are more socially acceptable pant materials — that Kim Kardashian one could feasibly work out in.

The Most Expensive Leggings People Work Out In