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Now, a Marriage Proposal via Homemade Video-Game

Because face-to-face, private marriage proposals are out of vogue, one man’s quest to propose to his girlfriend in a viral fashion resulted in him creating an elaborate video game. On her way to the proposal, she leaped through a hoop, gathered a handful of golden coins, and hurled herself over frightening spikes. She did plummet to her death in one attempt, which earned her a very sorry R.I.P. grave-marker before she got to start over — but then again, the course of love never did run smooth.

The proposer was in charge of the art and animation, and recruited two friends to aid help him build it. On his website, he writes:

The reason? I couldn’t allow myself to just do a normal proposal, it had to be special. Something we would remember forever to remind us where we started. Simple times playing games together growing up and learning that games can convey all sorts of emotion, I wanted her to see all the spikes I would jump over for her. :P

Your metaphors have been delivered. How many more golden coins until your heart is full?

Now a Marriage Proposal via Homemade Video-Game