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Tracy Anderson and Gwyneth Paltrow Take Their Diet Show to a ‘Major Network’

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

At the Cosmo 100 luncheon at Michael’s earlier this week, we were simultaneously thrilled and terrified to realize we’d be eating right next to Tracy Anderson. (Anderson didn’t appear to judge as those around her nibbled gluten-laden crusty French rolls, but did mildly shame CNN anchor and morning-show host Kate Bolduan when she revealed a devotion to SoulCycle.) Naturally, we wanted a progress report on The Restart Project, the new web series she is hosting alongside Gwyneth Paltrow.

“We’ve shot it all. It’s totally done,” said Anderson, adding that the series is mostly based on interviews with women who have overcome major life challenges — the loss of a child, the loss of a limb, a terrible prognosis — through physical health. And there may be more opportunities to see the duo interact with the general population soon. Anderson said in addition to the web series, she’s working on a television show with Ryan Seacrest Productions that will also involve Paltrow. “We’re doing one for a major network,” she said. “It’s about weight loss and love.” (A rep for Ryan Seacrest Productions said she “can’t confirm that right now.”) So do Anderson and Paltrow vary greatly in their interviewing styles? “We are very like-hearted, and so I think from an empathy perspective, we’re very similar,” said Anderson. “But Gwyneth has no problem being confrontational with people about a lot of things, and I’m so not confrontational!” No word yet on whether that will play out on camera. Fingers crossed.

Paltrow, Anderson Diet Show Gets ‘Major Network’