How to Passive-Aggressively Communicate With Your Family Using Only Nail Polish

Photo: Photos: Melissa Hom,

No matter how old you are, being home for the holidays means confronting at least one family member you’d rather not talk to. Perhaps you’re afflicted with revertigo from sleeping in your childhood (twin) bed. You and your boyfriend have to be “woken up.” Your cousin won’t stop talking about her pregnancy when all you want to do is watch free premium TV. You regress into your sullen, teen self, complete with the plaid shirt you wore all through high school. You communicate in grunts, wails (Who ate all the chips? Daaaaad, can I use the car?), and shrugs. It’s not pretty.

This holiday season, let your nail polish names do the talking. Try Essie’s Trophy Wife, OPI’s I Don’t Give a Rotterdam, or Sally Hansen’s Bad to the Bone, for starters. Click through the slideshow for twelve colors with equally colorful names to nail your passive-aggressive communication skills with your family over the holidays.

Passive-Aggressive Nail Polish Communication