Prince William Left a Hilarious Voice Mail for His Brother

Photo: Arthur Edwards/WPA Pool/Getty Images

As the News of the World phone-hacking trial continues its ironic disclosure of illegally obtained information, we now have “access” to the royal’s voice mails. In one of the two voice mails left on Kate Middleton’s phone, Prince William calls her “babykins.” Snooze-town, U.K.

But then! There’s also a transcribed voice mail from William to his brother in which “the future King of England assumed a falsetto voice and pretended to be [Harry’s] girlfriend [at the time] Chelsy Davy.” Hayyy Harryy, kissy-kissy, I love you soooo muchh, babykins, yes I doooo, giggle-giggle girl stuff, it’s CHELSY, if you couldn’t telll! See youuu sooon! Smoooches. Instant classic. 

Prince William Left a Hilarious Voice Mail