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Rebecca Black Records Herself Watching ‘Friday’

Two and a half years ago, “Friday” made Rebecca Black famous-in-a-bad-way. Now — several eras later in the life of the Internet — Black is looking back. She has recorded herself watching “Friday.”

Her retrospective has a certain charm! It’s self-deprecating and unpretentious, and deals with the universal problem of confronting your youthful, stupid self. There’s lots of cringing and head-shaking — but with humor. Some obvious questions arise, like what am I doing with my arms?  And of course:

I can’t get over that blue eye-shadow. I can’t do it.

This is a continuation of Black taking her negativing criticism with stride and poise, using her notoriety for her own benefit. Perhaps we can all learn from Ms. Black about embracing our embarrassing goofery and shrugging it off.

Rebecca Black Records Herself Watching ‘Friday’