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See: Sexy Seventies Glamour From American Hustle’s Costume Designer

Photo: Francois Duhamel/? 2013 Annapurna Productions LLC All Rights Reserved.

When it comes to evening gowns, few decades can top the flamboyant, sensual sophistication of the disco era. The sequins! The drama! The flagrant disregard for gravity and bras when it came to necklines! American Hustle’s costume designer, Michael Wilkinson, had a treasure trove of inspiration to play with — i.e., vintage Halston and Gucci — when he set out to create the Studio 54–ready dresses for Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, and the rest of the cast. Take a quick peek at his sketches at WWD, which feature swooping necklines, so many sparkles, and Amy Adams looking like a young Jessica Rabbit. Just try to resist getting that perm for the holiday party season.

Photo: Warren Manser/Annapurna Productions LLC
See Sexy Seventies Glamour From American Hustle