Taylor Swift Had a Perfect, Prim, Pretty Birthday Party

Photo: taylorswiftinstagram

Human Instagram filter Taylor Swift celebrated her 24th birthday in Melbourne while on her Red Tour. Everything looked totally perfect by mandate because Swift sticks to a theme, and her theme is “perfect.” There were roses on the ground and on the table, and the sun shone. And Swift recruited a gaggle of shiny, happy people to take shiny, happy group photos with; among them, newly minted fellow pop star Lorde, because on her birthday, Taylor Swift receives the gift of friendship with all the latest people to be become famous. At the party, Lorde and Swift coordinated dresses, which is but the second step on the ladder to Swift’s gal-pal coterie. And the new friend actually got a primo spot hugging Swift in the prom stairs-style group photo.

On the heels of this birthday triumph, Prince William is rumored to have asked Swift to sing at Kate Middleton’s “secret” (?) birthday party early next year.

For even on her own birthday, Swift is always thinking of other people and how she can help them. It’s all about welcoming a new starlet into the world of fame. Swift even donated $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony on her birthday, so no one could dare call her selfish while she insisted they play with sparklers even though it was very sunny outside. It was “the best birthday I’ve ever had.”

Taylor Swift Had a Perfect, Prim, Pretty Party