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Taylor Swift Also Uses Her Phone to Put on Makeup

Photo: taylorswift/Instagram.com

When you learned that the reverse camera of your phone functioned as a lo-res portable mirror, you rejoiced and checked to see if you had hat hair. (You did!) Taylor Swift also learned this trick, and uses hers to put on makeup, as evidenced by a quadtych of selfies she posted, which she captioned: “Using my phone camera as a mirror to re-apply red lipstick.”

But Taylor Swift! You seem to be at the beach? A place for swimming and relaxing and salt water. Don’t worry about that scarlet statement lip. Don’t worry about making sure that everyone knows you’re on a music tour called Red promoting an album called Red that features a song about red-hot love with some dude. (WHO! Who?? Whooo?!) You don’t have to be promoting that stuff all the time through your siren call of lip shades.

Taylor Swift Uses Her Phone to Put on Makeup