Well, This Marriage Proposal Video Is a Blatant Advertisement

Someone should come up with a word to describe the inability to appreciate the sort of contrived romantic exhibitionism that appears in public marriage proposals. It could be a short phrase or a portmanteau. Get clever, go crazy. I’ll use it at least twice a week.

Anyway, here we are with the latest public marriage proposal video, which is actually just a straight-up advertisement for a game company. DOTS — whose tagline is “a game about connecting” — has gotten in on the viral proposal game. Reportedly, the company received this e-mail from a seemingly kind and thoughtful fellow named Shawn.

From: Shawn


Subject: I have a strange request


I was wanting to know if it was possible to make a modified version of Dots that would have a surprise at the end of the game where it would say “Will you marry me Cassie?”

I thought it would be a nice way to surprise her in taking our next step together.



“HOW COULD WE SAY NO?” DOTS responds in the ad. What they actually wrote was probably something like: Here’s the deal, Shawn. We will alter our game for you if you let us use this intimate moment between you and your prospective fiancée in an advertisement. We will film the whole thing, of course. You won’t even have to sit through a commercial on your potentially viral YouTube proposal video because the whole thing will just be a commercial. Fair trade?

Deal and done! So this couple went to a beautifully lit public location, where it appears that at least two cameras filmed their moment.

While it should be noted that Cassie nods to accept, the only words she says during this whole ordeal are: “You were acting so weird.” So weird, trading our happy engagement memories to a toy app company.

Well, This Proposal Video Is a Blatant Ad