21 Best Basics to Wear in the New Year


As you begin 2014 with a clean slate, try thinking about the essence of things: the fashion, accessories, and beauty items that make life feel extra simple. In looking for the best essentials that eliminate stress, we’ve found beautiful items, starting for as little as $25, to simplify our styling process and add zen to our daily routines. There are the most amazing pencils (really), a plain white button-down, and a new, solid go-to bag to carry into any situation. It’s those things that are tried and true, like the perfect chambray shirt, cashmere sweater, nude nail, or leather tote, that serve as the staples to our wardrobes and lifestyles: Having them makes life just a little easier. Click through our slideshow of the best things, in terms of value, quality, and product design, that will leave you feeling refreshed and simplified in 2014.