30 Comfy, Cool Fitness Items to Get You Moving


Fitness buffs and resolutionaries alike will remember last year’s ravelike scene at the gym: Neon sneakers and Day-Glo leggings screaming “I’M GOING TO THE GYM” were everywhere. But now, those bright looks have been overwhelmingly swapped for whispering lilacs and soothing cool blues, as well as jewel tones and go-to grays and black.  More than ever before, workout clothes are now easier to transition into everyday life, and subtler colors can seamlessly take you from spin class to brunch. Silhouettes have also relaxed — there are endless options for sweatpant shapes alone. The ever-blurring lines between active- and loungewear can be blamed on our desire to get in shape, or at least look like we are. While some of us may opt for old T-shirts and sweats at the gym, new workout gear has the potential to motivate an active, healthy mind-set. Click through our slideshow for 30 pieces — from bathing suits to sweatshirts — to inspire your 2014 fitness regimen.