48 Vintage Cheerleading Photos in Honor of Super Bowl XLVIII

Photo: Marvin E. Newman/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is happening on Sunday — which means that two teams are going to play each other and one of them is going to win, and we’re going to talk about it for about an hour, and then we’re going to forget about it until next year. But let’s get into the mood! This year, we have an incredible opera singer, Renée Fleming, singing the National Anthem, and Bruno Mars (probably in a porkpie hat) performing during the halftime show. There are, tragically, no expectations of Janet Jackson or Beyoncé, but if someone surprises us by dropping an album overnight, they can surprise us by showing up to the Super Bowl, right? There are also cheerleaders involved in these festivities — probably in ridiculous outfits performing great feats of athleticism with perfectly manicured jazz hands. To celebrate, we’ve culled the 48 greatest vintage cheerleader photos we could find — in honor, of course, of Super Bowl XLVIII.

48 Vintage Cheerleading Photos for Super Bowl 48