5 Creative Ways to Wear Resort Trends Now

The current retail situation is a mind-boggling wardrobe quandary: It’s cold outside, but inside stores there are plentiful new and beautiful pieces from resort collections that beckon to us with tropical motifs and midriff-exposing silhouettes. To make it even more confusing, sales have long been picked over, and customers cannot help but develop a craving for new goods. But, this is a good thing. Because while some resort trends are out of reach for now (Bermuda shorts, lace pants), a handful can easily be adapted to cold temperatures and worn now through spring: from supersized trousers to pool slides — yes, pool slides. Click through our slideshow to see five of the biggest trends in resortwear, and how you can sport them right now.

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It’s easy to wear skinny jeans with snow boots and call it a day, but big, baggy pants showed up at Chloé and elsewhere. We suggest wearing them with a silk blouse (in a shade similar to your pants) for a boiler-suit effect. This looks cool and modern when worn with sneakers, meaning you can wear these pants with warm socks all winter long.

Tropical florals, a big resort theme, seem like a huge reach (not to mention seasonally inappropriate) when the temperatures are far from warm. So opt instead for tropical prints in sweatshirt form — they’ll keep you warm and on-trend.

Sportswear picked up steam at the resort shows — and it’ll be even bigger this spring, making this trend a wise investment. We liked the pairing of slouchy, sporty pieces in black or gray with a bold but feminine pink.

Fortunately, denim is a year-round fabric, and the most recent offerings come tailored, streamlined, and in super saturated washes, both dark and light. Wear the skirt with tights now, and bare-leg it come spring.

Sporty pool slides (or shower-shoe styles) are the logical evolution from summer’s popular Birkenstock craze. For die-hards who cannot wait until spring, pair warm wooly socks underneath your pool slides. Trust us. We noticed a major stylist successfully pull it off at a recent fashion show during the Polar Vortex.

5 Creative Ways to Wear Resort Trends Now