The Week in Review: From Dating Karma to Lena Dunham

Photo: Corbis; Annie Leibovitz/Vogue; Shutterstock.com

This week’s pursuit of woman-relevant topics led Cut writers to get deep into Vogue’s Pigeongate, try out all the bust-enhancing creams, and explore the results of snooping.

1. What are the pros and cons of creeping? Alyssa Shelasky brings you fifteen stories of snooping — one is a big laugh, but most are horrible.

2. What are boob creams good for? Well, at least they allow you to dream about the possibility of having bigger boobs.

3. What’s wrong with Jezebel’s $10,000 offer for unretouched Lena Dunham pictures? Kat Stoeffel explains why Jezebel should have taken up a different cause. But they didn’t, and so all of us got to see what Lena Dunham looks like without a bird on her hair. Scandal.

4. How do you diet-hack the Silicon Valley way? By putting butter in your coffee, among other strategies — so reports Allison Davis.

5. What’s the newest party game for a certain sort of woman? We spoke to Kate Stayman-London about her Ladies Against Humanity project.

6. Who knows the most about love (or at least the most about personal essays about love)? Kat Stoeffel spoke to Daniel Jones, the New York Times’s “Modern Love” editor, about what he’s learned in a decade of editing “the country’s foremost platform for mushiness, heartache, and painfully acquired romantic wisdom.”

7. Should you embrace the concept of dating karma? It’s your choice, but Katie Heaney recommends it.

8. What do soil samples have to do with costume design? Katie Van Syckle spoke to Patricia Norris, the costume designer for 12 Years a Slave, who just received her sixth Academy Award nomination.

9. How should you react if you feel others are oversharing online? Stop complaining and just unfollow them. Besides, writes Maureen O’Connor, unfollowing is a joy.

10. What happened at the Golden Globes? The Fug Girls have the best and worst of the dresses — there were high-fashion hospital gowns, built-in capes, and detachable capes. On the dudes — well, there were sexy, sexy man buns. A bevy of celebrities changed into usually questionable outfits for the after-party. And one well-dressed young star even bought her dress! Simon Doonan approves.

The Best of the Cut: Dating Karma, Lena Dunham