A Chic, Tasteful Guide to Valentine’s Day Lingerie


Good lingerie is both memorable and feels extravagant. It’s the best gift for both parties in a relationship — a luxurious splurge for oneself that doubles as a nice surprise present for your partner. It’s fun, not fussy. And it’s not just meant to be worn once for Valentine’s Day, but rather thrown on at a whim (a random weekday night, perhaps?) and be something you feel comfortable in. Sifting through thousands of options, the Cut found the best pieces at every price, eschewing predictable pinks for beautiful jewel tones and culling push-up bras, corsets, and one-pieces alike. Click through our slideshow for inspiration on what to gift (or wear) this Valentine’s Day. (And then listen to our playlist to get you in the mood.)

A Chic, Tasteful Guide to Valentine’s Lingerie