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George Clooney Gives Matt Damon Body-Image Issues Again

How many people, across the earth and throughout human history, have shaken their fists at the sky, shouting: “Oh, George Clooney, you handsome rascal! You duped me once again!” It must be so many people. Clooney, as has been thoroughly documented, loves his pranks.

On The Tonight Show last night, Matt Damon confessed that recently, Clooney got him real good. Clooney had him convinced he was packing on a gut. We’re going to get in shape! agreed the pair on the set of Monuments Men. Then Clooney began having the waistline of Damon’s pants taken in “by about an eighth or sixteenth of an inch every couple days.” Damon was working out, but whenever he put on his trousers, he’d say, “This can’t be!”

What a sweet, gullible, too-chubby-for-his-britches, fresh daisy of a lamb, that Damon. Not even suspecting for a moment! And why should he? Well, maybe he should, because Clooney loves this trick and has in fact taken in Damon’s pants previously — in 2009, when Damon stayed at Clooney’s home in Italy. On that occasion, Clooney laughed and laughed and said, “He couldn’t understand how he seemed to be gaining weight while he was trying so hard to lose it.”

Fool you once, shame on George Clooney; fool you twice, and why does Matt Damon have so much trouble figuring out what’s going on with his pants?

Clooney Gives Matt Damon Body-Image Issues