Did a Nude Alexander Skarsgård Cause the Polar Vortex?

Photo: ingesolheim/

Frequently clothed handsome man Alexander Skarsgård found a toilet in a field of polar snow. He misplaced his shirt, but no matter, because he discovered some reading material near this toilet and decided to have a pleasant sit while mostly in the nude, in a field, in the snow.

But lo! His foolhardy, devil-may-care nudity caused the winds to whip and chill, and soon, the air from the South Pole fled in sheepish embarrassment to torture a nation of whiny wimps. It was the polar vortex, and one blissfully squatting actor is responsible.

(To note: Skarsgård is in the South Pole, participating in a fund-raiser for wounded service members called Walking With the Wounded Challenge. His team’s guide, Inge Solheim, Instagrammed this photograph.)

Did Alexander Skarsgård Cause the Polar Vortex?