Donald Trump and 10 Other Things Miley Cyrus’s Hair Now Looks Like


Yesterday, Miley Cyrus debuted a new hairstyle that’s not really new at all; it’s more the inevitable result of choosing a haircut that’s going to have an extremely awkward in-between growing-out period. The platinum bowl-cut, which she paired with a mime uniform, is probably so unfortunate looking in this picture because she didn’t style it — this is just a laid-back day at the recording studio, not a red-carpet event. While we feel for her — not everyone can magically grow her hair back to the perfect length overnight — this new do brings to mind images of other awkward, thatched things, like Jonathan Taylor Thomas and an Irish cottage. Take a look at more fun things Miley Cyrus now resembles in our slideshow.

Donald Trump and Things Miley’s Hair Looks Like