Diane Von Furstenberg’s Not Permanently Ditching the Tents

Photo: Marc Bryan-Brown/Getty Images

Fashion Week is in the middle of a massive overhaul: This season will bring new venues, a new show schedule, and presumably fewer seats for fashion bloggers. But, despite the seemingly fancy changes, several major designers are deserting Lincoln Center: Vera Wang is going to a gallery downtown, and Diane Von Furstenberg and Michael Kors are moving their shows to the glistening new Spring Studios in Tribeca. It seems strange that Von Furstenberg — herself the president of the CFDA, which is heavily involved with Fashion Week’s makeover — would jump ship. But, she tells Cathy Horyn, it’s just because it’s the 40th anniversary of her famous wrap dress, and she has plans to go big. “My decision is purely because of the anniversary,” she said. “I want to do something special. I’m excited that they’re trying to get it together at Lincoln Center.” Apparently it’s a onetime move, and she’ll be back at the tents come September. Now, the only question: What’s DVF got up those flowy sleeves?

DVF’s Not Permanently Ditching the Tents