From Figurerobics to Pilatesology: The 7 Best Online Workouts

Photo: Ballet Beautiful

When it comes to motivating yourself to exercise, sometimes you need to take the path of least resistance. The gym is too far, too crowded, too sweaty. The class you wanted to take is full. All your attractive gym clothes are in the wash. New York is going through polar vortex, the sequel, and the idea of takeout looks ever more appealing. That’s when the online workout comes into play: Sure, you don’t get to see the hard-won, sweaty muscles of your instructor; the floors of your apartment are probably not proofed for rebounding, and the “front-rowers” aren’t in your face to both annoy and motivate you to sweat harder. But with an online workout, your “gym” is two steps from your couch and, in many cases, much cheaper than a “live” membership. Sometimes it’s even 100 percent cheaper, and free on YouTube. We rounded up the seven best online workouts from YouTube, from yoga to Pilates to the “Jane Fonda” of Korea. Click through the slideshow for our picks.

From Ballet to K-Pop: The 7 Best Online Workouts