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GIF Guide: ‘Sexy’ Dance Lessons From Kate Moss

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Late last year, Kate Moss had a teeny cameo in Paul McCartney’s “Queenie Eye” video. While it’s only like, five seconds of Kate Moss dancing on top of a piano in booty shorts, it was enough to make us wonder, how does she do it? How can we take these dance moves to our next sexy dance party or nightclub situation? Today, we received the extended version – 34 glorious seconds of Kate Moss sexy-dancing, which were edited out of the original video. So we’ve broken down the piano-dancing — in all of its hip-rolling and hair-whipping glory — into a nifty GIF guide for you to master at home:

1. Start with a slow-mo “cowgirl holding her cowgirl hat” body roll.

2. Turn around.

3. Mimic waving a wand while shaking your hair like a wild animal.

4. Windmill to the ground.

5. Smile and play with your hair.

6. Look moody and play with your hair.

7. Pretend you’re at Burning Man.

8. Look sultry while subtly pulling down your “shorts.”

9. Half-commit to doing a grapevine or a rumba step.

10. Flip hair, laugh, finish strong! Nailed it.

GIF Guide: ‘Sexy’ Dance Lessons From Kate Moss