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Indoor Selfies Way More Popular for Ladies’ Dating Profiles

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Are you ready to boast the most popular profile on the dating website of your choosing? Well, get yourself into some soft lighting and cool your jets, because calculated that the most popular time for perusing dating websites will be Sunday, January 5, at 8:57 p.m. Until then, eager bird, another online dating company analyzed over 4,000 profiles to determine secrets to online dating popularity.

Dating website Zoosk found that if women post photographs that were taken inside, they receive 60 percent more attention. Men, meanwhile, receive 19 percent more attention if their photo is taken outside. This is just the beginning of the gender divides for this study: Women are more popular if they post a selfie, while men are less so. Only women can mention actionable things like dinner, drinks, or lunch in their first message. Regardless of gender, everyone loves somebody who says they love exercising and reading. Just a regular Renaissance dater over here, physical and intellectual, no big.

The most amusing part of this survey regards the subtle analysis of emojis. A smiley face rendered thusly :-) gets 13 percent more attention, but :) gets 66 percent fewer responses. The biggest take-home message from this thorough examination is the popularity of the full-body shot. These increase attention to profile by about 203 percent. That buys you the ability to use the :) emoji dozens of times before turning everyone off.

Indoor Selfies More Popular on Dating Profiles