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Jen Selter and Her Butt Got a Fitness Column

Over 2.9 million followers have seen the neon, squatting butt of Jen Selter — and now, thanks to the New York Post, they can read her prose. Selter, who debuted her first column today, explains how she whipped her 46-year-old mom into shape.

She happily writes that, after she imposed her diet-and-fitness regimen, her mom now has better abs than she does, eschewing a “full-on fat-girl diet” and choosing instead gym time three to four days a week and 500 crunches. But, she explains, she still allows for major indulgences — like a little morsel of chocolate one day a week. Here’s Selter:

I’m not one for depriving yourself, so we keep some dark chocolate in her apartment, and on our one cheat day per week, we indulge.

But she adds there’s still work to be done — explaining, chillingly:

And we haven’t even gotten to her butt yet.

Happy Mother’s Day?

Jen Selter and Her Butt Got a Fitness Column