Kim Kardashian Is Thankful for Her Baby and Her Baby-Fist-Sized Ring

Photo: kimkardashian/Instagram

Joining many other celebs celebrating New Year’s on Instagram, Kim Kardashian posted a photo of baby North holding her engagement ring yesterday, captioning the photo, “It was an amazing year!!!” with three exclamation points to drive home the amazingness of the statement. And what a year it has been for Kim! The reality star got a divorce, became BFFs with Riccardo Tisci, had a baby just weeks before Kate Middleton, managed not to buy into her family’s weird K-name thing, got engaged to Kanye West, had an epic post-baby body reveal, and got a super terrifying custom Birkin bag for Christmas.

While we don’t know if we quite agree with E! News, who called the photo of baby North holding Kim’s engagement ring “cute,” we do agree it is something. But that something is mostly how shockingly big that thing looks with a baby hand for scale. Is 15 carats too big to be considered a choking hazard?

Kim Thankful for Her Baby, Baby-Fist-Sized Ring