Lone Report of Super-Effective McDonald’s-Only Diet Makes Us Rethink Everything

Photo: Shutterstock

A science teacher in Iowa went on a McDonald’s-only diet as a way of re-examining Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 film Super Size Me. Ten years later, do Spurlock’s finidings retain their smug inevitability? You bet your greasy fingers they don’t! On his own hyper-effective McDonald’s-only diet, John Cisna lost 37 pounds over 90 days. That’s infomercial-hyperbole-worthy weight loss right there.

Crazily, this man consumed 2,000 calories a day from carefully balanced food groups, began to exercise, and found he lost weight. Because he’s a teacher, he got his students to design a plan that would allow him to eat moderately from the McDonald’s menu, and then he cajoled McDonald’s into offering him three months of complimentary meals. All this without a glamorous cache of celebrity diets or movie-star slim-downs … a remarkable choice, but to each his own.

After paying attention to caloric intake and the nutritional content of his food, Cisna came to a wise conclusion, which he shared with local television station KCCI:

It’s our choices that make us fat. Not McDonald’s.

A Lone Report of Effective McDonald’s-Only Diet