Male Gaze: James Middleton, Marshmallow King

Photo: David M. Benett/WireImage

Kate Middleton’s 26-year-old hard-partying younger brother, James, has unveiled his latest passion project: a new start-up that will print your Instagram photos onto marshmallows called, in a wild stroke of genius, Boomf. It’s not his first foray in the make-your-own-dessert industry: He’s the founder of the Cake Kit Company, which offers a wide variety of all-inclusive cake-baking kits. He’s scruffy (lately), wholesome (he bakes cakes in converted barns!), and certainly ambitious: “Our focus is to keep improving Boomf, and to cement our position as number one personalized marshmallow service worldwide,” he told the Next Web, assuring them that he has “no shortage of ideas.” James, we commend you for your simultaneous embrace of social media and s’mores.