See: The Margiela Couture Show Had Typically Wild Masks, Tattoos

Photo: Imaxtree

The couture shows in Paris continued this morning with Maison Martin Margiela, a collection that was typically wild — and perhaps even evocative of a day shopping in the garment district. Faceless models resembling escaped mannequins came down the runway wrapped in boldly printed, un-hemmed fabrics. Strapless dresses clung to models’ bodies as if they were held up only by clothespins, and fabrics were printed with colors and logos that appeared referential of oriental rugs and medieval tapestries. Geometric prints were reminiscent of seventies tablecloths. Meticulous craftsmanship was of course apparent, too: One top was made completely of embroidered patches, giving the effect that the model was completely covered in temporary tattoos.

Photo: Matteo Volta/Imaxtree

Margiela’s signature hoof booties returned for spring in metallic gold satin. While his signature headpieces took a turn with Cleopatra wigs (Lady Gaga sported a similar one in Paris yesterday), there were, of course, face masks. So many face masks: beaded, and with alienlike eye embellishments. An overt response to their criticized practicality? A pandering appeal to Kanye West? No one will know for sure. But this time, the mask’s faux peep holes — and the finale’s giant, furry, eyeball arm-warmers — certainly made it seem that way.

Photo: Matteo Volta/Imaxtree
Margiela Couture Had Typically Wild Masks, Tats