Justin Bieber’s Partner in Crime Is an Eyebrow Connoisseur

Photo: chanteljeffries/Instagram

Justin Bieber’s accomplice in stoned, underage, drunk residential-neighborhood drag-racing is Chantel Jeffries. According to the Daily News, she’s a model who has been linked with Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson and Diddy’s son Justin Combs. Her Twitter bio states she’s a “student, eyebrow connoisseur, animal lover, and deep thinker,” most of which we’ve verified through her Instagram.

At 21 years old, Jeffries is Bieber’s contemporary, though her superior makeup skills allow her to look older, younger, or Kardashian.

Jeffries’s expertly maintained brow is its own advertisement — for the eyebrow brush she designed.

A beloved pet.

Deep thoughts.

Meet Justin Bieber’s Partner in Crime