even cowgirls get pica

Miley and Madonna Don Matching Cowgirl Outfits, Tongues

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

News has surfaced that Miley Cyrus will duet with Madonna during her MTV Unplugged performance, airing tonight. The accompanying photo — cowgirl-themed, like Miley’s sad, porneo poster — features Madoiley in coordinated shiny, high-fashion rodeo shirts and sequined ten-gallon hats. As demonstrated by the ease with which they wear matching outfits, the twosome is perfectly simpatico. They share a love of raves, appropriating cowboy culture, and clinging to youth at all costs. Reports say they’ll perform a mash-up of two great drunk party sing-alongs, “Don’t Tell Me” (2000) and “We Can’t Stop” (2013), two tongues will almost certainly unfurl, and who knows, maybe someone will spank someone, making this the demented mother/daughter pageant performance of my dreams.

Miley and Madonna Don Matching Cowgirl Outfits