going to the dogs

Royal Spaniel Drama Afoot at the Palace

Photo: Indigo/Getty Images

Is the British royal homestead in turmoil? Could the two royals least capable of verbal expression be embroiled in a jealous battle? Is everyone on the verge of calling it quits, but resolving and only eating burgers as they bide their time? Is Kensington overrun with facial hair and disrespect?

Perhaps! Our latest preferred rumor is that Lupo, a lollygagging, slobbery slip of a spaniel, has possibly been exiled from the royal residence, out of rivalry with young Prince George. Kate Middleton’s brother James has been walking Lupo around London, and now everyone is left to wonder whether the pup will be fit to return to the royal enclave ever again.

Nothing so British and royal as a spaniel scandal.

Royal Spaniel Drama Afoot at the Palace