Runaway Teen Couple Back After Successful Adventure

Earlier this month, two teens escaped their freezing, boring British boarding school for a romantic holiday in the Caribbean. Yesterday, after two weeks at a five-star resort in the Dominican Republic, hero teens Indira Gainiyeva and Edward Bunyan got on planes back home. While they have not been invited back to the polar wasteland of their previous school, another boarding school has agreed to give the pair a second chance. The couple reportedly also made demands, like saying they would continue their studies as long as they weren’t parted. Teens: 1, Boarding Schools: 0.

Andrew Johnson, the head of Stonyhurst School of Freezing Temperatures, seems misinformed about who won this battle:

In a way, what has happened has been a lesson to others who might be contemplating the same thing. Pupils may have first thought that this was some kind of exciting adventure, but they soon saw all the trouble that Edward and Indira’s actions have caused. They also saw that sooner or later they had to face the consequences of their actions, which have led to Edward and Indira being unable  to return to school. All of a sudden it no longer looks like such a good idea. That in itself is a very powerful deterrent.

Not to glorify this business, but probably these teens should be made into barristers or sent off into diplomacy immediately. Their negotiation skills must be unmatched.

Runaway Teens Back After Successful Escape