Sheryl Sandberg Will Release a Graduation-Themed Lean In

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Sheryl Sandberg has re-branded her bestseller Lean In for the graduation-gift market. But what, exactly, will a Lean In for graduates look like?

According to USA Today, it will include material “on topics such as negotiating a first salary, best interview practices, and ‘how millennial men can lean in.’”

For the truly forward-thinking leaner-in, though, consider a DIY version! Acknowledge the generation of pioneering women before you and initiate your journey by slapping a JUST FOR KIDS sticker across the front of a used copy of Lean In. Flip through and carefully insert emojis, so that the new graduate knows how to react to each passage. Feel free to substitute phrases like team player with youthful sayings like you do you. Sprinkle letter combinations like LOL or BRB or DTF or DTR in the margins. Only you have the conviction and intuition to create your own Lean In for Graduates.

Sheryl Sandberg Writes Graduation-Themed Lean In