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Some People Don’t Want to See David Beckham Naked

Photo: Courtesy of H&M

H&M is harnessing the power of the vote to determine the outcome of one important question: Will the public finally get to see David Beckham naked? H&M is teasing two versions of a new ad for David Beckham Bodywear to be released during the Super Bowl. One version shows Beckham (slightly) more clothed in underwear (#Covered), while the other shows him in decidedly less (#Uncovered). Users can vote online or in stores for their preferred version of the video. Funny joke, H&M! As if un-naked David Beckham were ever a question. But as with all elections, every vote counts. Vote for change. Vote for your preferred ending to this choose-your-own-adventure in beefcake. Don’t you want to see all of David Beckham’s tattoos?

Some People Don’t Want David Beckham Naked