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Study: Men Let Themselves Go After Marriage

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The married life is full of foodstuff temptations: a commitment to using all those baking sheets you registered for, couples brunches, fancy dinner-dates to keep the fire alive, a dedication to finishing that year’s supply of triple-tiered buttercream cake left over from the reception. Amid this bounty, it seems hardly surprising that at least one spouse would see some weight gain. And that spouse is the husband.

A study tracking diet and physical activity for 2,300 young adults in the Midwest was published this week in the Families, Systems, and Health journal. It showed that young men are 25 percent more likely to be overweight after marriage, compared to single men or even those in relationships. Over half of these young, wedded dudes — 58.5 percent — were overweight. (39.8 percent of their lady counterparts were overweight, which is lower than the rate for single women of the same age.)

The study found that healthy behaviors, like eating fruits and vegetables or less fast food, or exercising, were mostly unaffected by marriage. We’re just talking about some added pounds and the cushy comforts of wedded bliss.

Study: Men Let Themselves Go After Marriage