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Update: Taylor Swift Not Dating Snapchat CEO

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Taylor Swift and Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel might be hooking up. In the John Hughes—movie version of the world, this is the implied sequel, in which the diary-writing, sensitive girl (who’s obviously a total babe under her foolish floppy hat), ditches her girlish crush on the athletic meathead and acquiesces to the brainy (though good-looking), iconoclastic smarty. As lightly promised by the Hughes bittersweet ending, wild success and romantic happiness awaits the nerdy types as they enter adulthood.

And so the 24-year-old singer and the 23-year-old tech whippersnapper have possibly paired off. Their coupling has been rumored by start-up types and journalists (reports Valleywag) for some time, but gossip site Lainey Gossip reports that they were at a holiday party, and while they weren’t all up on each other, they were obviously there together.

The teen years are past, and these nerds have happily happened upon professional success and each other. Though, in actuality, Evan Spiegel claims to have really thrown down in high school, and dates perpetually topless models. And any instance of awkward heartbreak from Taylor Swift was funneled through a Rube Goldberg machine, straight into the Top 40s. But it’s the Hollywood version of high school, so sprinkle your grains of salt on this narrative.

Update: Swift’s camp denies the rumor, according to updated accounts at Lainey Gossip and Hollywood Life. ALAS.

Update: Taylor Swift Not Dating Snapchat CEO