Teen Couple Escapes Boring, Cold Boarding School for a Caribbean Adventure

Photo: Shutterstock

There’s nothing teens are better at than hurling themselves into an inadequately planned adventure. Nothing they’re better at than concocting a romantic fantasy and dreamy-dreamtowning that it will all just work out. Equipped with these valuable skills, two teenagers who are particularly good at being teenagers just escaped from their swanky English boarding school and got themselves on a flight to the Caribbean.

This pair, “who are said to be dating,” reportedly told their friends there were going to go on a romantic holiday. But they didn’t want a romantic holiday in the woods just off the library or in town or anything. They said that the chill and drizzle was really bumming them out. So though these teens presumably used other people’s money to buy airplane tickets online, they became everyone’s heroes by just saying SCREW YOU to the weather and hightailing out of the cold front.

The adventurous youths were last seen in the terminal on their way to the Dominican Republic.

“An international hunt has not been launched,” say the Lancashire police.

Teens Escape Boarding School for Beach Adventure