Watch: Technicolor Rose Vines Grow on Naked Kristen Stewart

Hold the phone: Who is the well-spoken, smiley young lady in this behind-the-scenes video for Balenciaga’s new campaign for its fragrance Rosabotanica? Why, it’s the perenially moody teenager Kristen Stewart! Albeit a little unrecognizable and naked under the technicolor rose vines growing over her back and shoulder, Stewart stars in her first ad for Balenciaga since Alexander Wang took over the design reins from her friend and favorite buddy to run away with Nicolas Ghesquière. Why is she smiling? Does she have a secret soft spot for flora and fauna? Is she (the terrible liar that she once admitted to being) actually liking the new pink pepper, fig green leaf, grapefruit, patchouli rendition of the scent? Or maybe she’s just delighted that she finally has a spot in our brief history of the nude body stocking.

Watch: Rose Vines Grow on Naked Kristen Stewart