Wendy Davis’s Daughters Respond to Biography Truthers

Photo: Wendy Davis/

Wendy Davis’s daughters Amber and Dru have published open letters addressing the inconsistencies in their mother’s biography, which have led conservative commentators to call Davis a gold-digger Abortion Barbie who abandoned her children with Sugar Daddy Ken. Both women emphasize that — regardless of the exact details of her divorces and tuition payments — Davis worked unusually hard to complete law school in a different state without missing a parent-teacher conference. “No matter what happened within our family, our mother always made it known that we were and remain the most important thing in her life,” Amber wrote. Both letters, available at PoliticsUSA, are poignant, heartfelt, and a little bit raw — like maybe the Davis women are in need of a social-media hiatus. Don’t worry, guys! No one cares what Eric Erickson thinks! Not even Greta van Susteren!

Wendy Davis’s Daughters Respond to Truthers