What It Was Like to Be a Tween in 1992

In the spirit of anthropological research, comedian Dawn Luebbe started My 1992 Diary, a blog filled with pages from her middle-school journals written from 1990 to 1992. Like a midwestern, bang-wearing Anaïs Nin, Luebbe tackles the universal fodder of all tweenage girls (beaux, bangs, horses, Melrose Place) with introspection, grace, and a few empathy-garnering spelling errors. Below, the best tidbits from the tao of Dawn Luebbe, every-teen:

On Horses and Jesus: “This morning we went around barrels then we went on a trail ride. Lunch was oh kay [sic] … Today I accepted god in to my heart! … Now I’m going to bed.”

On Adolescent Erotic Behaviors: “Today I thought Dan looked cuter than ever. The other day Dan sat in front of me while our teacher was reading. I slowly touched my hand to his genle [sic] back and scratched it softly. He looked back and smiled at me. And I smiled at him. He Is A HUNK!!!”

On the Difficulty of Saying “I love you” Without Saying a Word: “I  found a old neckolas [sic] down in the basement. I think I will give it to my boyfriend, because its sort of a chain. Dan [REDACTED], I love but I think he loves me? But I don’t know if he likes chains.”

On Seeking Elusive Parental Approval: “In reading I did a homeless essay and Mrs. Santes said she’d send it to the paper. !!!!! I told my family and no one really seemed to care much. For supper we had roast.”

On How to React to a Dream Deferred: “When mom got home I asked her a question I had been ding [sic] to ask her for about 2 years. ‘Can I grow my bangs out?’ She said ‘Well you would have to cut your hair so short to match your bangs.’ NOT!! P.S. Sometimes I want to die.”

On How to Tame Bangs: “Today I spent about 20 minutes on my bangs. P.S.: My bangs had tons of hairspray on my bangs.”

What It Was Like to Be a Tween in 1992