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Workout GIF: How to Get Inner Thighs Like Beyoncé’s

It’s not a coincidence that our series of workout GIFS started shortly after Beyoncé posted this picture on Instagram. It was the equivalent of a mic drop in the post-baby-comeback genre, with thighs that looked strong enough to crack open a bottle of D’ussé, while also looking good in a Tom Ford creation. However, sexy inner thighs aren’t made through short-lived vegan cleanses: They’re earned one spot-specific exercise at a time. For tips on which exercises might help us be a little more like Queen Bey, we turned again to Ashley Yeater, of Physique 57, and Cheri Fogleman, a trainer at CLAY Health Club, to show us the moves.

Move 1 - Start with your legs wide, knees out, and tailbone down. Pull in the abs and keep them engaged. You want your feet pointed out in a stance that is comfortable, not in a New York City Ballet turnout (unless that is comfy for you.) For additional balance, you can always grab onto the side of a table or chair. Keeping your feet turned out, slowly move up and down. Your focus here is on the down motion, not the up. You want to engage your inner thigh muscles as you bend your knees. Repeat twenty reps.

Move 2 - The next advanced move is keep your knees in the bent position while alternately rising on your tip toes. Repeat twenty reps.

Move 3 - The super-advanced move is to wrap your thighs to the front and gently bring them in while bent. Repeat twenty reps.

Move 4 - Fogleman lies on her back with her knees bent and places a Pilates ring (like those seen here) between her thighs. She gently squeezes the ring using her inner thigh muscles while lifting her tailbone. It’s important here not to arch your back and to lift your tailbone enough to form a straight line from head to knees. Repeat for ten to fifteen reps.

Workout GIF: Get Inner Thighs Like Beyoncé’s