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Workout GIFs: Easy At-Home Thigh Moves

Thanks to Winter Storm Hercules, it’s a snowy day in New York City — wheee! Most of you are cooped up at home, which sounded lovely this morning when you rolled out of bed and headed to your home office couch. But soon enough, you’ll start to feel the symptoms of cabin fever. You’ll begin to efficiently consume the entire contents of your fridge, starting with the questionable cheese. (What’s the difference between good and bad mold again?) You will trail through your Instagram feed, come across the picture of Beyoncé pantsless on New Year’s Eve, and wonder how she got her thighs to look so good. The best solution to pent-up Instafit motivation is to ignore it get off the couch. The Cut turned to Physique 57, the interval-based barre workout that molds the thighs of Chrissy Teigen, and instructor Ashley Yeater to teach us a few simple home moves (that can be done in pantaloons or in the disgusting workout attire of your choice) to get strong, lean thighs like Beyoncé.

Move 1: First, find a stable chair with an extended back. Start with a standard lunge. Physique 57 emphasizes proper alignment, so your hands should be placed slightly greater than shoulder-width apart. Your front knee should not go over your ankle. Your back should form a straight line from the back of your head to your bent knee. Both legs should make 90-degree angles. Keep your chest open (not hunched over) and your abs engaged (meaning tight and contracted) as you lunge to target your quadriceps, hamstrings, and abdominals. Switch legs. Fun!

Move 2: Another variation to isolate your legs is to crunch your arms, typically with weights. Remember that Kim Kardashian does a rumored 100 squats a day.

Move 3: This move will tone your whole seat. Starting with the right leg, bend your left arm in an L formation, with your elbow resting on the chair. Keep the toe of your left leg pointed towards the chair with the left knee gently bent. Turn your body out so it faces away from the chair and look in the direction of your right toe. Lift the right leg in small up-and-down motions. Repeat on the other side and do twenty reps.

Move 4: If you find the prior move too easy (hi, Gwyneth), you can also lift your entire leg for a harder move.

Workout GIFs: Easy At-Home Thigh Moves