13 Sports Illustrated Models on the Virtues and Perils of One-Piece Suits

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

It’s no secret that we love a good one-piece swimsuit here at the Cut, so when oodles of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue models descended upon West Broadway last night to celebrate the 2014 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, we wanted to know their take on the style.

As professional bikini-wearers, do they even own one-piece swimsuits, much less venture outside wearing them? “My sexiest bathing suits are one-pieces,” said Chanel Iman. “I feel like one-pieces are more designed. They’re more stylish than a little tiny bikini.” Many of the models agreed, but voiced a surprising majority of the models talked about one-pieces’s ravaging effects on their even suntans. Only Samantha Hoopes acknowledged the negative effects of UV rays.  “I love lying out in the sun, but it’s damaging, so I like the sprays,” she said. “I mean, look at me right now. Obviously, I’m airbrushed.” To be honest, they all looked pretty airbrushed to us.

Read on to find out who feels her torso is too long for a one-piece, who swears by her American Apparel tank, and who feels too weird to wear a bikini with her family.

13 Sports Illustrated Models on One-Piece Suits