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Alert, Adults: College Kids Don’t Use Snapchat for Sexting

Photo: Fabrice LEROUGE/Getty Images

Professional arbiters of what sucks and what doesn’t — college students — don’t think that sexting is the most fun, chill use of their time (more on the tiresome hassles of sexting here). According to a new survey, only 2 percent of college students use Snapchat for sexting. And this is the app that everyone thought would be sexting central — only photos, disappearing evidence!

So, what do the youth do with it? They’re very earnest, these college students. Sumpto, an online-marketing company focusing on college students, reports that 27 percent of them say they use it to keep in touch and 37 percent use it for creativity. Remember, this is a time in their lives when they are asking questions like: What is art? Is that art? Is this art? Are these valid questions? What could be better than to let the evidence of any embarrassing, sophomoric queries disappear in the ether?

Sumpto also reports that the word college students use most frequently to describe Snapchat is narcissistic, which is a solid $2 word that they may have learned for the SATs, and one which also shows that they are self-aware and self-critical. So truly, well done, children: Keep being who you are and discovering who you are at the same time.

2 Percent of College Kids Sext on Snapchat