20 Things People Supposedly Like More Than Sex

If you believe the press releases, there’s a growing body of research (funded largely by beauty and teabag companies) suggesting that, when it comes to sex, we can kind of take it or leave it. Hot cup of lovin’? According to surveys, we would prefer a warm mug of tea or perhaps a car. Are respondents having terrible sex? Are they virgins? We do not know. But we guess that the moment you get restored service on your iPhone after getting off the subway is kind of akin to an orgasm.

Here’s the list of things people supposedly like more than having sex. Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day, Tiger:

1. Sleep

2. Moisturizer

3. Receiving compliments

4.“Me time”

5. A cup of mornin’ joe

6. Television

7. Smartphones

8. Eternal youth

9. Computers, laptop or otherwise

10. Car ownership

11. Having internet access

12. A nice cup of tea

13. Reading a book

14. Snuggly pets (over their partners)

15. Paperwork

16. Bacon

17. An indulgent dinner

18. Chocolate

19. Food in general 

20. Pizza (We can only assume.)

20 Things People Supposedly Like More Than Sex