5 Sad Protesters Showed Up for Anti-Bieber Rally [Updated]

Photo: Jason Winslow / Splash News

Young rapscallion Justin Bieber has been looking to set up a new home in the wealthy Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead. But even the Real Housewives of Atlanta don’t live there — so what makes Bieber think residents are going to let some punk bring down their property values? Buckhead residents decided to act by taking to Facebook to organize a 6 a.m. Monday morning protest. As of last night, it seemed like the lynch mob would be 250 Anti-Biebites strong! Power to the people.

Well, despite hilarious slogans like “She does not want the ‘B,’” there’s no denying the photographic evidence: No one cares.

And by no one, we mean that the number of protestors who actually showed is equal to 0.0000001 percent of Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers or 0.000000005 percent of the people who have viewed the “Baby” music video on Vevo. 

Sorry to the five passionate anti-Biebs protesters; looks like you lost this battle.

Update: CNN reports that the entire “Anti-Bieber in Bucktown” rally — from the Facebook post to the handful of sad protesters — was a prank by an Atlanta Radio station that capitalized on the most universal human constant: People will waste time and energy on anything — especially when it comes to the Biebs.

5 Protesters Showed Up for Anti-Bieber Rally