50 Times Celebrities Have Worn Sneakers on the Red Carpet


On Sunday night, Ellen DeGeneres will host the Oscars — a woman known for her sneakers-as-red-carpet-wear. But she’s not alone: Kristen Stewart has long avoided wearing heels for a second longer than she has to (or simply skipping them altogether), and by our tally, Robert Downey Jr. appears to not even own a pair of dress shoes.

Of course, not everyone can pull off the look: It’s hard to imagine anything more endearing than Sally Field at last year’s Vanity Fair Oscar Party — lifting up her Valentino gown to reveal a pair of running shoes — or more appropriate than M.I.A.’s maternity Reeboks at the 2009 Grammys. Click through our slideshow to see these sneaker moments and more.

50 Celebrities in Sneakers on the Red Carpet